September 2004
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Recovery Drivers
Calling Clear
Cinema Tickets

As you know:- if a driver returns back in the early hours the control will try and leave them alone, to get some rest. On some occassions we struggle, and when we ring the driver he says "I have been ready for ages!". So, our request is a simple one, if you are ready to work before you get a call, please ring in and tell us you are rested and ready to go!!

Having difficulty with Hands Free in our vehicles?
Just blow in the
bottom of the unit!!
(Clears all the dust!)

Will all drivers please remember to call clear when they complete a job and not return back to base to call clear. On occassions we have had jobs near to someone where they have dropped off a vehicle, only to find that they have decided to return back to base. This is not cost effective for you or the company.


Please note that no-one is to go through customers vehicles when they are returned back to any base. The only people allowed to do this, are those who are designated to do property searches. If any customer asks for personal property, they must have I.D. and they must sign for any property, including tax discs to be removed. There is an audit trail, and this must be adhered to.

For Orange phone users you can get 2 tickets for the price of 1 at cinemas nationwide, on Wednesdays. Text the word FILM to 241 or call 241. You will receive a text message containing a unique number. Show the message at any participating cinema. For more information including participating cinemas, visit


This months profile is Syd Tongs. Syd is a Business Development Manager based at Blandford. Syd started with AWR in August 2000.
Syd lives with his wife, June, and 2 grown up sons, they live in Poole. As well as being a Manager Syd is also sometimes seen carrying out breakdowns or recoveries.
Syd's claim to fame is that when he left the Royal Navy he had a trial to play for Leeds. Unfortunately, they said that he was good and keen, but not good enough, for then what was, 1st division football. Hobbies are reading and walking.
One ambition in life is to try and help his son's to be independent and help them to find a place of their own.